Best Wishes For The Holiday Season And Some Things To Think About….

For this part of the year, REDD is celebrating with some trepidation (mostly caused by attorneys and accountants) the end of  2014 and  a bit of food for thought. To begin with, my apologies for the strained rhyming  below and if I have may have left some folks out.  But now, without further ado…

working during holiday 2

Twas’ the last days before the end of the year and all through every Landlord and Tenant house, people were tucked in their beds, not stirring and there was no mouse – or at least one that didn’t work without IT help:

1.  The budgets for 2015 were finished (we think) and put away with care,  for all of us to tussle over next year!

2.   The Tenants were flush with optimism over Black Friday and Cyber Week profits without dread; while Landlords dreamed of big Tenant gross sales like lollipops in their heads;

3.   The vendors were paid in full in hopes that all  begin fresh in the New Year, we think….Did we settle up with everyone and iron out all the kinks?

4.   TICAM estimates had been sent with care to every Tenant everywhere, for them to open and hopefully not despair.

5.    The accountants and tax folks have been presented with every necessary document and reporting (P.S. they work all week with keyboards a’ clicking!).

6.   Everyone was joyful for the year that had passed and 2015 to follow with great promises to last?   Landlord said : “I hope sales get you to the place you pledged you would be.”  Tenant replied: “how can I have a successful year with internet sales and no fee!”

7.   And as the Landlord lay a finger across his nose, the Tenants exclaimed  percentage rent ratios were too low!

8.   Franchisors sat in their command centers ready to react to their Franchisee’s reports on customer traffic and year end sales. By the way, do not forget your franchise fee and please, please no tall tales!

9.   Assignors sat back with good tidings to all,  hoping that their Assignees were kings of each mall.

10.  Brokers were huddled with their plans for next year; to make every transaction work perfectly clear.  Meanwhile as they looked at holiday meals, a fat man landed down the chimney with new deals!

11.    The Contractors opened presents with glee, hoping new construction or TI would be what they would see; or at least a major upfit.

12.  The Developers were also asleep in their beds, as new projects danced in their heads!

13.    The Investors were last ones to bed, no sense of magic stuck in their heads.  P&L statements were the main concern, so large profits could be earned!

And to all a good night, let none of you have a fright. May the New Year bring you good cheer and a prosperous year…..

Best Wishes and see you in 2015!

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