Of Nuggets, Details, Creativity and Sharing 

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This summer has been hot, dry and pretty predictable. Good time for some pondering. We certainly get a wake up call when work picks up in late August after vacations burn off and folks head back into their routines.  This weeks’ stock market tumble got everybody’s attention right away as well.  Having time to think often leads to contemplation on how to better and more creatively craft and interpret these creatures known as leases and contracts.  Before diving back into specific topics, I wanted to share some nuggets of wisdom – you decide whether it’s wisdom or not for yourself – as well as some thoughts for the rest of 2015 that may be helpful.

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Too often, as attorneys, brokers, asset managers and developers, folks get stuck in reflexive methods of putting together leases and contracts dealing with real estate. Yes it’s trite to say let’s “think out-of-the-box” (I hope that’s my last buzz word in this post) but it’s really the only way to move forward and be effective at what you do. There also some very bad habits that can be developed that although they might get the job done, end up creating situations where there are no real winners, a landscape of unforeseen circumstances and unexpected costs and delays.

Here are just a few:

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